Memories in December

Posted: December 15, 2016

Brrrr! It’s the middle of December, snow covers the ground, and I feel like a hermit hiding in my heated home with my ten month old daughter. She can’t do much yet besides crawl around so thinking of something to do in the middle of winter can be difficult.

We’ve tried sledding at the park with her fluffy pink snow suit. Unfortunately she's so squished that she just flops over and cries. We did try going to the movie theatre but my daughter decided half way through that it was nap time. Her pre-nap tantrum had me frantically packing her stroller, running out of the theatre, and avoiding everyone’s piercing stares. The best we’ve done so far was lap the mall a few hundred times. On the bright side, I did get her to sleep and I got my steps in for the day! However, the mall isn’t necessarily the place I want to make lasting memories with my daughter.

One day my best friend and I took our little girls out for coffee. My friend asked why I never considered taking my daughter to WaTiki Waterpark in Rapid City. My immediate reaction was, “I don’t honestly think I can afford that. With formula and diapers and groceries and bills…” Mid rant she interrupts me, pulls up WaTiki's website, and shows me that surprisingly admission cost is about as much as our two venti Starbucks caramel macchiatos.

Contemplating my friend’s suggestion, I decided to check out WaTiki's Facebook Page to see if this water park was too good to be true. Immediately, I fell in love.

Kids of all ages seemed to go here. There was this neat little wading area perfect for my daughter as well as a warm, toasty hot tub for me. The photos online displayed multiple waterslides, a children’s interactive jungle gym, and an adorable monkey mascot named, KoKo. Looking a little more, I stumbled on an opportunity to buy a discounted season pass!

I called my friend back and after thanking her a million times I asked her what her New Year's Eve plans were. We called up a few more of our mother friends and decided to all check out what WaTiki’s New Year’s Eve pool party had to offer.

Here’s the list of activities we found conveniently located on their website:

• Midnight Balloon Drop

• Music in Motion by Hot 93.1 FM

• Movie showing for kids

• Dinner buffet from 4-8 PM

• Pizza available for purchase from 8PM - midnight

• Extended Tiki Bar hours

Fearing the dreaded theatre memory, I decided to sacrifice my caramel macchiatos for the week. We all chipped in for an overnight hotel room for us and our kiddos and decided this New Year’s Eve would be jam packed full of memories we all could cherish.

We found the easiest way to contact WaTiki Waterpark was either messaging them on Facebook Page or calling them directly at (866)-928-4543.