DIY Father’s Day Card


Looking to create a fun and memorable Father’s Day gift with the kids? Koko has the perfect craft activity that is both quick and easy to do! Rather than buying a card this year, let your kids get creative with a homemade card that Dad will surely love. Koko’s “How-To” Monkey Fingerprint Card for Father’s Day consists of just a few items found around the house and can be customized however you would like. Let’s get crafty!


  • Step 1: To get started, gather the list of items below.
    • White card stock
    • Brown washable paint
    • Brown, black, and green (optional) markers
    • A piece of string or twine
    • Glue (hot glue or glue stick)
    • Scissors

  • Step 2: Using the black marker, start by writing “We/I Love Hangin’ With You Dad/Daddy” near the top of the white card stock.

  • Step 3: Time to paint! Have your kids dip their thumb into the brown paint and make a large print in the middle of the page. Then have them use their pointer finger for a slightly smaller circle right above it.

  • Step 4: Draw a curved line of glue below the wording, and above your fingerprints, and stick the string over it.

  • Step 5: Help your kids draw the eyes and mouth using the black marker. After that, draw the ears, arms, legs, and tail using the brown marker. Feel free to customize the string by drawing leaves with the green marker.

  • Step 6: Write the card! Let your kids write their own special messages and signatures inside the card.


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