Welcome to Totally Tubular

At WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort, it’s summer all year long. With over 30,000 sq. ft. of wet and wild fun, it’s the perfect place for kids of all ages to hang ten (Moms and Dads, too!). 

Find your favorite wild ride! We're open every day, all year 'round!

These gnarly attractions will have you yelling, "cowabunga, dude!"

  • Koko’s Kingdom
  • Activity Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Maui’s Body Slide
  • Sink Hole
  • Funky Frog Slide
  • Oasis Hot Tub

On-site changing rooms are also available.

  • Appropriate swimwear.
  • Money for the arcade, Koko’s Concessions, and lockers.
  • Showers are available so bring any necessary toiletries.
  • A swimwear diaper for all children that are not potty trained.
  • Waterproof sun block. (Yes, it's indoor. But we have a transparent roof!)

Important! Please Read:
• Parents: Your child’s safety is a shared responsibility.
• Lifeguards monitor guest safety, but they should not be considered supervision for your children. Swim at your own risk.
• A supervising companion should accompany children at all times.
• Keeping the waterpark clean and sanitary is everyone’s responsibility. All children who are not potty-trained must wear waterproof swim diapers at all times. Any fecal release will result in a $1,000.00 fine.
• No coolers, outside beverages, or food allowed.
• No running in any areas.
• No diving, dunking, or unruly behavior within the waterpark.
• Riders must be 42” or taller to ride the large slides unless doubled with an adult.
• One rider per Single Tube at a time on the slides unless an adult is accompanying a small child.
• Double Tube Riders must be facing the same way. (i.e. no back to back or feet to feet)
• Keep all limbs inside of the flume at all times.
• Do not run, stand, kneel, or stop on any of the slides and stay clear of the tube splash pool.
• Large slide weight limit is 300 lbs.
• No climbing on rock features.
• Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to ride.
CAUTION: Riders on large slides must be in good physical condition and free from any physical limitations to participate.
CAUTION: Rides may be disorientating due to periods of darkness.

• WaTiki Waterpark values our guest's safety and encourages healthy swimming for everyone. For more information please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Lightning Policies:
• The waterpark will shut down in the event of lightning being spotted within five (5) miles.
• No guest is allowed inside the waterpark during this time.
• The arcade will remain open for the duration of the waterpark closure.
• Extended hours may be given to hotel guests the following day upon manager’s approval.
• Hotels will be informed upon reopening.
• Rain-checks may be given under extenuating circumstances. 
• Management reserves all rights.

What is the temperature inside the waterpark?

  • 84 degrees all year 'round!

What are the waterpark's greatest features?

  • WaTiki boasts three giant waterslides. They require the use of tubes with the exception of Maui's Body Slide. All the slides are connected to the Lazy River. Also, our activity pool features water cannons, lily pads, and basketball rings. For the kids, KoKo's Kingdom can play, climb, shoot water, and slide down three mini slides. The Kingdom also includes a Big Bucket of water that dumps every 8-10 minutes. Our Oasis Hot Tub is large and relaxing for all of our guests to enjoy.

What is the maximum capacity of the waterpark?

  • Our capacity is 635.

Can we bring outside food and drinks?

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow outside food, drink, or coolers. Marco's Pizza, Sliders Bar, and Proudly Serving Starbucks are conveniently connected to our waterpark for all of your food and beverage needs.

Are you still open during inclement weather?

  • For the safety of our guests and staff, we will close our waterpark during inclement weather. Our waterpark is made of metal and can be very dangerous during lightning and thunderstorms. Our policy states that our guests should vacate the waterpark immediately when there is lightning five (5) miles away from WaTiki. We will reopen once lightening has passed.

Do you provide towels?

  • Yes. For a minimal fee, we do offer towels. You may also bring your own.

Do you provide life jackets?

  • Yes. Our life jackets can be found in the life jacket bin in the waterpark.

Do you provide tubes for the slides?

  • Yes. Our tubes are first come, first serve. Please be kind and place any unused tube nearby the slides for other guests to enjoy.

Do you offer birthday packages or group prices?

  • Our birthday packages may be purchased online or through our waterpark sales manager. Please contact our sales manager at 605-219-0799 for group prices.

Can I purchase a season pass?

What type of discounts can I expect on waterpark admission?

  • We do provide discounted admission prices for hotel guests, military, and locals. Also, if you are a Vertex Sky Bar member at Hotel Alex Johnson, you can purchase your waterpark admission pass at the cost of a "Hotel Guest". Check out all of our discounts and admission prices here.

Does WaTiki accept donation requests?

  • For all donation requests, please inquire and submit your request at our Donation Request page.

What height restrictions should I be aware of before I visit WaTiki?

  • Children under 42" should always be accompanied by an adult on the larger slides, hot tub, and Lazy River.

If we leave the waterpark, can we return that same day to use our admission pass?

  • Yes! Once you purchase your wristband, it is good until the waterpark closes that day.

Are the hotels connected to the waterpark?

  • All of our hotels are conveniently attached to the waterpark and can be accessed through our connectors. (All indoors!)

Do you have lockers?

  • Yes. Our lockers can be rented by cash or credit card in the locker room. Each paid locker can be accessed throughout the day.

Does WaTiki have a bar?

  • Sliders Bar is located steps away from the waterpark. You can even watch your child slide down the slide that goes right through it!

What other non-water activities can I expect at WaTiki?

  • On the second floor, we have an arcade when you take a break from splashing. You can purchase arcade game cards with cash or credit card and use as you play. Games require different amount of credits. All tickets that you win will go on your card for you to redeem at the arcade shop.

Do you accept personal checks?

  • We do not. We accept cash or credit card only.

Can I eat or drink inside the waterpark?

  • We do allow you to eat or drink inside the waterpark, but we do not allow food or drink inside the pools.

Will I be able to purchase an hourly admission pass?

  • Our waterpark admission passes are good for the entire day, so we do not have hourly passes at this time.