5 Insanely Fun Road Trip Games to Play on Your Way to WaTiki Waterpark

“Are we there yet?” The cliché road trip question that is always asked just miles into your drive. No matter how many Disney movies you watch, crayons you pack or “Pinterest hacks” you try, your little ones still figure out how to drive you through the (sun)roof during a long car ride. One thing that always seems to grab their attention and curb their boredom is a little family-friendly competition. So sit back, relax, and dream about the Sliders Bar cocktail you’ll be sipping on after you arrive while the kiddos stay occupied with our top five favorite road trip games:


1. Alphabet Race

A classic road trip game with a kid-friendly twist! A parent begins the game by pulling a letter from the bag. Whoever can spot the letter first, wins the letter that is drawn from the bag! The letters can be found on billboards, license plates, exit signs, etc. — pretty much anything that is outside of your car. Whoever earns the most letters, wins!

What You’ll Need: A piece of paper, scissors, marker and some type of container to store the letters in. Simply fill the piece of paper up with the alphabet then cut each letter out to use as tokens.


2. Wall Drug Game

If you’ve taken a road trip to the Black Hills, you may have seen the hundreds of Wall Drug billboards along I-90. While they can be found all over the United States, the number of signs multiply once you reach Wall Drug’s hometown state, South Dakota. As your children watch out the window, have them call out any Wall Drug billboards they see. Whoever can spot a Wall Drug billboard first, gets a point! Most of these billboards have the famous “__ Miles to Wall Drug” callout on them so you can count down the miles to gauge how far you are from the Black Hills. WaTiki Waterpark is only a short 50-mile drive from Wall, South Dakota which is the hometown of both Wall Drug and the gateway to Badlands National Park!

What You’ll Need: A sheet of paper to keep tallies. 


3. License Plate Map

Another classic game that is played on road trips throughout the U.S., this license plate game is easy and fun for all ages! Simply color in your map with whatever license plate state you see along the way. We get visitors from all over here in the Black Hills! While this game may sound a little easy, we find Rhode Island particularly difficult to find (bragging rights make the search totally worth it). Plus, you can add difficulty for your preteens by removing the names of the states on the map!

What You’ll Need: A United States map coloring page, clipboard and crayons or colored pencils.


4. “I’m Going on a Picnic”

Not only will this game test your child’s memory, but it will also help with their knowledge of the alphabet! The game is extra fun for that child who has a wild imagination, and perfect for that child who is a perfectionist! The game starts with the first player saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” followed by an object that begins with an A (e.g. apples). The second player must repeat what the first player said followed by adding something that begins with a B (e.g. bagels). So, the game would go; “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and bagels” and so on with the remainder of the alphabet. If a player forgets an item, they are out. The last player standing, wins!


5. 20 Questions

The object of this game is to guess what the other player is thinking of with only 20 questions as hints. The beauty of this road trip game is that you can pick the category! From movie titles to types of animals, your kids will be going wild with enthusiasm trying to solve this guessing game. Whoever guesses the answer gets the next turn at picking the category and object.


From guessing games to alphabet scavenger hunts, road trip games are the perfect opportunity to create memories with the whole family! With these five insanely fun games, your family’s road trip to WaTiki Waterpark will be a breeze!