A Quick Dip Inside WaTiki® Waterpark

Summer is in full swing, which means the temperature is rising and people are trying to find ways to cool down. While there are both traditional and creative ways to beat the heat like blasting the A/C as high as it will go or taping as many ice packs as possible to yourself, they don’t provide a fun experience. What better way to cool off while having fun than at WaTiki® Waterpark? Let’s take a quick dive into all the rad attractions at WaTiki® Indoor Waterpark Resort!


Koko’s Kingdom

This righteous adventure is the first attraction you will meet when you walk into the park. This water playground is perfect for our youngest Guests. Koko’s Kingdom comes with numerous different pulleys, squirt guns, and fountains to let kids make a splash with their parents, friends, and family alike. Rope bridges to climb all over and three different slides to rush down, including the Guest-favorite that runs right through Sliders Bar & Grill! But the most fun of all is Koko’s Bucket at the very top of the Kingdom. There’s no staying dry if you’re underneath it when it fills up and dumps all the water inside!

Activity Pool

If you’re looking for a way to make a splash and get the body moving, then you can head over to the Activity Pool. You can show off your gnarly basketball skills with our baskets to shoot some hoops. Play a game of 1-on-1 or a game of H-O-R-S-E, all while staying in the water! And if basketball isn’t your thing, you can try to skillfully maneuver across the lily pads. Try to hang onto the rope and stay on the lily pads without falling into the water!

Oasis Hot Tub & Lazy River

While all the fun and excitement is totally tubular, there are ways to have a relaxing time too. You can grab a tube and go around the Lazy River. Feel like you’re floating around an island cove with the rock wall and tropical plants and see the whole park while just kicking back and chilling. If you want to let the muscles soak after a gnarly day of work, driving, or adventuring, you can dip into a tropical-hot-spring-like relaxation with our Oasis Hot Tub.

Seahorse Slide, Turtle Shell, & Parrots Plunge

Now for the attractions that’ll make you scream, “Kowabunga, dude!” Our three most popular attractions are the slides at the top of the tower and bring the raddest fun in the whole park! First we have the gnarly Seahorse Slide. This body slide is easily the fastest slide in the park. Enclosed, you quickly slide into fun with twists and turns that’ll bring you down to the bottom in no time. Then there are the other two tubular slides. You can grab your tube and slide by yourself or with a friend down either the Turtle Shell or the Parrots Plunge. The Turtle Shell, aptly named for its green color, lets you feel like you’re surfing through a waterfall with the wind in your hair – all in the comfort of your tube! The Parrots Plunge is our biggest and gnarliest slide in the park. After pushing your tube down, the water makes you slide around the bowl, red and blue flying past you. When you get to the bottom of the bowl, you won’t know whether you’ll go through the tunnel backwards or forwards until it sucks you in!

There really isn’t much of a reason why you shouldn’t head over to WaTiki® Waterpark. If you start getting hungry or thirsty, you can always dive into Sliders Bar & Grill, with sliders, slices, and sips for the whole family. If you are done making a splash but don’t want the fun to stop, you can head over up to Koko’s Arcade, with over 50 arcade games to play and numerous prizes to win. Whether it’s just for fun, for a birthday party, or just to beat the summer heat, the memories you make at WaTiki® Waterpark are totally tubular. So, water you waiting for? Come hang with Koko & his krew and have the slide of your life at WaTiki® Waterpark!